Casa Cuccaro B&B Positano

Casa Cuccaro B&B Positano

Casa Cuccaro B&B Positano

Casa Cuccaro B&B Positano

The house... Peppe and Gerardina

'Squisitamente' familiar a calm, comfortable house, in the typical Positano style. It's a corner away from the noise, ideal for recharging from everyday stress.
Casa Cuccaro is still marked by simple rhythms: smelling flowers or relaxing on the terrace.


White, bright and sunny.

Bright and sunny, Casa Cuccaro reflects the Mediterranean lifestyle offering incomparable views and restoring the spirit.

Interiors are in the classical Positano's architecture made of arches, vaults, ceramic tile floors. White is the predominant colour and every detail is simple and elegant at the same time
Large windows harmonize with the blue sky and the sea offering outstanding views.


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Peppe and GerardinaPeppe and GerardinaPeppe and Gerardina





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Für alle mit weitem km

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We are located on hillside of Positano

Via Pizzillo, 2 | Positano Italy
Tel. /Fax +39 089 875 458